Professional Retail Technology Experts & IT Success Partner

Professional Retail Technology Experts & IT Success Partner

Professional Retail Technology Experts & IT Success PartnerProfessional Retail Technology Experts & IT Success Partner

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Professional Business Technology Support Services

At RetailProfessional& IT Services our support team works around the clock always available and working with our clients from common technical support issues, to scheduled projects, continued development of operations, scheduled maintenance, and training. Whatever the request our proactive team members will do whatever it takes for our clients. All of our team members have an extensive professional background of technology support services and have a competitive edge over the typical technology consultant. Our clients communicate to us often how impressed they are with our follow through, problem solving approach.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

RetailProfessional& IT Services puts great emphasis on data and how to properly safe guard the integrity of a company's data. Our clients are thoroughly informed and educated on data management. One of the first tasks our support team will survey with a new client is how that client is managing their data. We work closely with our client's employees to make sure proper data management is followed. Very often a central data server is setup in the client's workplace. Employees are given user friendly quick sheets to insure no end user data is being saved on each employee's workstation. Confidentiality of our client's data is a requirement. Monitoring and best practices are highly recommended and strongly urged. RetailProfessional& IT Services has created our own backup solution. Responsibility of our client's data our support team take very seriously. We work very closely with Microsoft to insure our data management solution is of the highest standard. RetailProfessional& IT Services is a HIPAA complaint data management company in New York and California.  

Help Desk & Quality of Service

RetailProfessional& IT Services is not the only IT Support Services company available and many of our clients come to us after firing their previous Technology related business partner. Our founder spent 18 years working as a technical consultant before starting RetailProfessional& IT Services. With that said, RetailProfessional& IT Services has a philosophy which seperates us from our competitors. Our technicians must complete a variety of professional trials before joining our support team. Our clients are usually very impressed on the level of care our technicians provide. 

Your Technology Partner -

Professional Sanitizing of Equipment

Professional Sanitizing of Equipment

Professional Sanitizing of Equipment


RetailProfessional& IT Services now offers professional IT equipment cleaning and sanitization. Our support team can perform this very important task while equipment is powered on with no down time.

Monthly Support Rate

Professional Sanitizing of Equipment

Professional Sanitizing of Equipment


With today's businesses technology requirements RetailProfessional& IT Services offers a wide variety of technology and HR services. Call our client services team to schedule an onsite meeting. We will spend time working with your team and develop your very own unique business partner solution. Our clients find our rates to be accommodating and reasonable. 

Technology Support Service Locations in NYC & San Diego

San Diego Location

RetailProfessional& IT Services is proud to announce our new corporate office in San Diego. Our west coast support team is available 24/7 and is always ready to respond to your support requests. Simply email our support team or call our support line. 


Support Line: 212-419-8309

Business Efficiency Expertise

RetailProfessional& IT Services & Sheppard Corp Announce Building Secure Small Business Grant Opportunities. Call our operations team and ask about our grant program.  Inquiries about grant opportunities must be made during business hours at 212-419-8309. 

Technology Education Program

RetailProfessional& IT Services is fully dedicated to the development of continued technology education programs. Please check back soon for more details on our upcoming workshop in the NYC & San Diego areas.