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RetailProfessional& IT Services operates at the forefront of 5G hardware development, participating in field trials and research programs with mobile operators around the United States of America- Contact our Staten Island NY headquarters to apply for support service: (631) 229-3468 | 

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Reliable Support


 RP&ITS Technicians are all certified by the Telecommunications Industry of America (TIA) and hold at least one certification from a major retail point of sale software solution. All technical staff and project managers each have over 10 years professional IT and General Business Infrastructure Network experience. RetailProfessional& IT Services will ensure your personnel are able to focus on their main daily responsibilities, not IT. We never assign our clients to a support queue when help is needed. RetailProfessional& IT Services will take on all aspects of a support request as our support is always dependable and secure.

Accessible & Affordable


Do you spend most of your IT budget on maintaining your current POS system? Does training new staff present a setback in workflow? Many companies find that constant training and maintenance eats into their budget for new technology. Time and resources need to be spent on your business and high IT costs can be a huge financial burden on your business. RetailProfessional& IT Services understands this concern and take the worry out of technology management. IT companies differ from one to another and nothing is more transparent than rates which RetailProfessional& IT Services will meet or beat.  We value our clients and refer to all clients as partners. Strong client relationships are required.  

Protecting Your Data


RetailProfessional& IT Services has witnessed time and time again a retailer loses their customer records, former receipts, inventory data, and other transactional documents. A retailer's greatest loss can be data loss and usually by time a retailer or business owner realize the importance of protecting their data it's too late. RP&ITS will work with your management to determine disaster recovery strategies and implement, monitor, and manage your company’s backup systems. RP&ITS recommends businesses have an on-site data server and an off-site data clone which will replicate each day's data updates. Safeguarding the integrity of your data is essential to the success of your business. 

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RPITS offsite data storage to guard and protect

Data Integrity

Protecting the integrity of your data is critical to any business. Preforming backups to a local hard drive or everyone's favorite external USB drive is simply a disaster waiting to happen. 

Performing regular backups to a nearby external hard drive or USB drive, you’re missing an important part of your backup strategy. You need your files stored in separate physical locations.

RetailProfessional& IT Services has built a high-end industrial server farm complete with climate control to secure our customer's most important asset which is their data. Data loss is devastating and many times when we start a new business relationship with a new client it is right after a data loss event. Our offsite data servers will protect your important files from catastrophic events like fires, floods, and robberies of your home or office. Files stored in just one physical location are vulnerable.  

If you’re just backing up to an external hard drive and leaving that hard drive near your computers, your files aren’t completely safe. Yes, that backup protects you if your computer dies, or if your external hard drive dies. It’s better to use two separate hardware devices than just one.

But those backups won’t prevent you if your home or office catches fire, floods, or is damaged in another disaster. Or, perhaps someone breaks in and steals or damages your hardware — computer, external drive, and all. This is also why it’s a bad idea to just carry an external backup drive around in your laptop bag — if your laptop bag is stolen or lost, there goes your computer with your files and its backups.

Whether you’re backing up to an external hard drive, putting copies of your important files in USB flash drives, burning them to discs, or even backing up to a file server located in your home or office, there’s still a single point of failure. Any damage or theft that occurs at your home or office could destroy all copies of your important files.

RPITS Data Offsite Data Server

  An offsite backup is literally backup that’s stored “off-site” — in a different physical location from where your main files are. Rather than just having copies of your files on two separate physical hardware devices, you have them stored in two far apart physical locations. RetailProfessional& IT Services stores your data in a climate-controlled server farm.